Shipping Container Modifications

You can create nearly anything with custom shipping containers. Whether building your dream home or growing your business, our shipping container modifications at ModBetter can transform a blank slate into exactly what you need to thrive.

From ready-to-use templates to bespoke consulting for custom projects, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

A shipping container man cave in a backyard, providing a perfect solution for a man cave

Our Modifications on
Custom Shipping Containers

Modified shipping containers can include as many or as few features as you like. You may choose a bare-boned approach for a storage unit that simply requires a bit of insulation, flooring, and lighting, or you may choose the full suite of modifications for your home or container office. Regardless of your needs, we can customize your shipping container with any of the modification services below:




Interior Finishes

Framed Windows



Divided Rooms

Shipping Container Windows Made With Custom Wall Openings

Traditional or Roll-up doors

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Paint


Finished Walls

High-End Flooring Option

Concession Windows

Work Counters

Overhead Canopy Doors

At ModBetter, we offer 20 and 40-foot standard sizes plus high-cube options depending on your project and space preferences. If you’re looking for “shipping container modifications near me,” fill out our request a quote form to begin the process!

What You Can Create With a Custom Storage Container

We provide pre-designed template shipping containers for various purposes, or you may customize your own from scratch and we’ll work with a manufacturer to get it built.

You can use our template floor plans as a starting point for your shipping container modification plan; then, our team will help you design from there. Whether you want a custom or standard structure, our shipping container products have you covered.


Mobile Office Space

Shipping containers provide the ideal interruption-free environment where your team can work in an efficient, productive way. Whether you’re just starting your business, expanding, or looking for a temporary solution while the main building undergoes construction, our shipping container offices provide everything you need to turn profits in a cost-effective way. The inside space provides comfortable features, while the exterior doors and windows include locking mechanisms to keep important business information secure.

Container Homes

Shipping container homes allow you to create your dream home at a fraction of the cost. With our interior finish and paint modifications, we can help you achieve any style you imagine. A shipping container home provides a cost-effective investment, short build-time, and excellent lifespan, given the extreme material durability, so you won’t need to worry about high costs down the line.

Agricultural Solutions

You can use a custom shipping container on your agricultural job site to store equipment, feed, or livestock. Our livestock solutions feature ideal ventilation, locking mechanisms, and easy-to-clean materials to keep your animals secure and healthy. We provide a range of modifications allowing you to create the ideal storage solution aligning with your project needs.

Shipping Container Restaurants or Retail Businesses

Shipping container restaurants and retail businesses continue gaining popularity as customers flock toward the unique architecture and business owners choose the smart investment option. By building your business out of a shipping container, you can cut your overhead and construction time, allowing you to begin earning profits as soon as possible.

Climate-Controlled Bathrooms

Shipping containers offer a luxury upgrade to portable bathrooms. We can install the structure at your sporting facility, event site, construction area, public park, restaurant, outdoor business, or anywhere else. The container provides ground-level access to flushing toilets, running water, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and all the other amenities of a high-quality indoor bathroom.

Concession Stands

Portable concession stands allow you to attract and serve as many customers as possible during sporting events, concerts, relaxing days at the park, and more. With our custom window modifications and serving counters, you can easily tend to multiple customers at once, providing an efficient, high-profit experience. The portable solution empowers you to travel anywhere the crowd goes.
A vintage-inspired shipping container coffee shop

High-End Storage Containers

Whether you need to store personal items, business equipment, furniture, or anything else, our modified shipping container storage options provide the ideal level of security and climate control to keep your valuables safe. Rather than traveling to and from a public storage facility, you can simply keep the unit right on your lot for easy access.

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A coastal-themed coffee shop with stunning ocean views and beach-inspired decor."