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ModBetter's Shipping Container Storage Units: The Perfect Solution for Endless Possibilities

Finding a place to store all your stuff can be a real headache. Sick of digging through cluttered closets? Need more space for that mountain of office supplies? Say goodbye to your storage woes with a shipping container!

We offer both standard and modified storage container solutions.

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From ready-to-use templates to bespoke consulting for custom projects, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Plan Your Project With the Container Experts

Shipping containers may seem like a strange choice for storage, but they’re tough as nails. They’re much roomier than the typical storage facility unit, too.

When you think of shipping containers, you might picture boring steel boxes. But you can spruce up a container with the following:



Traditional or Solar Lighting



Heating and Air Conditioning

Standard or Roll-up Doors

Shipping containers are also


Need to store your items outdoors? You can rest easy with a shipping container. They’re built to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and New York’s infamous blizzards. That means your favorite things will always stay safe and dry.


Renting a container can cost hundreds of dollars. When you need a container for months or longer, you can save a big chunk of change by owning one. Are you thinking of opening a restaurant or shop? Shipping containers are far more affordable than paying rent for a brick-and-mortar building.


If you’re planning a move to a new home or job site, you can take your items with you nearly anywhere! It’s easy to transport a shipping container by truck, train, or ship — no need to leave your stuff behind in a storage facility.

Shipping Container Project Ideas

Home Storage

If your attic or garage looks a bit cluttered lately, you can reclaim your space with a shipping container. You’ll have plenty of room to store holiday decorations, exercise equipment, clothing, and family heirlooms.

Plus, you’ll have easy access to your things when you need them. It’s way more convenient than driving to the storage facility.

Mobile Offices

It may surprise you to know that shipping containers make excellent temporary office spaces when you’re renovating your building. You can keep your shipping container on-site where it’s convenient for employees and customers.

Outfit your container with electrical wiring, insulation, and climate control to help your office workers stay comfortable.

Agriculture and Livestock

Shipping containers allow livestock owners to keep cattle, horses, and poultry safe and healthy. They’re tough enough to fend off livestock thieves and predators, and it’s easy to keep them clean.

You can also add vents and air conditioning to keep your livestock cool during the hot summer months.


Construction sites are prime targets for theft. Don’t leave your expensive equipment and tools exposed for the taking — protect them with a theft-resistant shipping container!

These containers are roomy enough to store large equipment with space to spare.

Portable restrooms

If you’re planning an event or a construction job at a site that lacks restrooms, we can transform a shipping container into a portable restroom for you. Go beyond standard portable toilets with air conditioning, windows, and interior finishes.

Concesstion Stands

Event attendees need a place to rest and enjoy a cold beverage in the shade. With a ModBetter pop-up concession stand, your business can draw crowds and bring in profits wherever your customers are.

School Storage

ModBetter containers are a smart choice for schools that need a little extra storage room. With a container, your school can store playground equipment, computers, books, and supplies that take up space in your building.

Need a temporary place for kids to study? No problem! Shipping containers make great temporary classrooms.

Retail Shops

If you’ve got big dreams of owning a store, the cost of rent and bills can hit the brakes on your plans well before opening day. Thanks to shipping containers, you don’t need to let those unaffordable expenses stop you!

You can transform a shipping container into a cozy shop that will have customers flocking to your door. Plus, unlike a brick-and-mortar store, you’re not restricted to where you set up shop. And because you own your container, you’ll find the investment pays for itself in no time.

How it Works

Ready to start building your project? Here’s what to expect.

Request a Free Quote

When you reach out to us, we’ll ask a few questions about your project to help determine whether you need a standard or modified shipping container. It would be helpful if you could give us a drawing or photo for reference to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Your quote depends on the modifications you want to make. You’ll pay less if you’re looking for a basic container with no changes.

Design Your Container

Now, let’s get to the exciting part — designing your container! Your project is only limited by your budget and imagination.

You can choose custom paint colors, specialty flooring, beautiful finishes, and windows to let the sunshine in.

Enjoy Fast and Easy Delivery

Once we’ve gotten the details down, we’ll get started building your container within the week. You can expect a completion time of 14 days and a delivery time of about three weeks for a custom container.

Need a container right away? We can send you a standard, unmodified container in a week or less!

Frequently Asked Questions

ModBetter shipping containers are highly durable. Our containers feature weather- and theft-resistant steel that’s tough enough to withstand nearly anything you can throw at them. We can also outfit your container with an alarm or camera to keep an eye on valuables.

Shipping containers beat storage facilities hands-down in the portability department. Just hook yours up to a truck and go. If you’re heading overseas, you can easily transport your container by ship.

Yes, of course! You’re not limited to a boring steel box. You can transform even the most drab container into a gorgeous work of art you’ll be proud to show off.

If you need heating or air conditioning, you can add those, too. You can also add windows or vents to keep farm animals cool and comfortable.

Most shipping containers should last around 20 years without any upkeep. If you take great care of yours, it could last for much longer. Look out for signs of rust and decay, and be sure to treat them so they don’t turn into a bigger problem down the road.

Yes, you can. Most shipping containers can support about 300 tons of static weight. But it’s important to know that the side panels can only hold lightweight items. Heavy items can make the container warp and ruin its integrity.

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