Shipping Container Garages

Shipping Container Garages

If you have more stuff than you have storage, it’s time to consider additional exterior storage space. You can get custom shipping container sheds and garages built to suit your needs fast with ModBetter. We proudly serve the greater New York Metro area and strive to help our customers find sustainable solutions for their storage problems with custom container buildings.

From ready-to-use templates to bespoke consulting for custom projects, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

Customizable Storage and Workshop Space

Many homes and businesses across the country need more storage space. Mechanics, handymen, and landscaping company owners need additional car garages for ongoing projects and workshop space. Homeowners want sturdy sheds to store tools and equipment for home maintenance projects. Hobbyists want a secure space to work with lathes, electric saws, and kilns.

The issue with adding exterior storage space for your tools, equipment, and materials is that these are often expensive. You want to protect your investments from harsh weather conditions and potential thieves or vandals. A simple plastic or vinyl shed won’t be sturdy enough to resist high winds, constant UV exposure from the sun, or human tampering.

What many people need are shipping container sheds and garages. Made from corrugated steel, shipping containers offer a durable and secure solution for exterior storage sheds, additional garage space, agricultural storage, or hobbyist workshops. At ModBetter, we use multi-point locking door handles to secure your valuables.

You can also get a range of customization options, including:

20- or 40-foot container or high-cube container

Standard doors

Roll-up doors


Electrical and lighting

HVAC installation

Interior finishing (floors, walls, insulation, etc.)

And more

Whether you want to add a workshop to your back yard, create your own mancave to have a place to get away and enjoy some me-time, or add space for the vehicles you can’t fit inside your garage, a custom container building offers the perfect solution.

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How it works

Call us at ModBetter to start creating your custom shipping container storage space in three simple steps. We’ll help you identify the right solution for your needs, suggest improvements and customization options, and get your new container building in a matter of weeks. Learn more about our process below.

Get a free quote

We offer free quotes on all shipping container sheds and garages. Call us to find an affordable solution for your storage problems. We can help you determine what you need based on how you intend to use your storage or shed space, including workshops, tool storage, or shipping container garages.

Design and customize your Options

We can help you choose exterior colors, install floor-to-ceiling windows for a glass storefront, and design an interior space to suit your needs. Whether you need air conditioning, windows, lighting, or plumbing, we can customize your shipping container building for any use.

Get fast, easy delivery, and installation

We’ll customize your container building to your specifications and deliver it to your home or business location. From your initial call to the final installation, your shipping container shed or garage will take two to eight weeks in turnaround time, depending on how many modifications you want.

Popular Shipping container options

Shipping containers are popular for creating additional storage options and workspaces around your home or business. When you need a place to store extra tools, large equipment, lawnmowers, cars, or motorcycles, a shipping container shed or garage could be the perfect solution.

Many people choose shipping container sheds and garages for:

Exterior garages for second or third cars, winter motorcycle storage, or riding mower and equipment storage.

Agricultural storage buildings for tack rooms, hay and feed storage, and custom barn and livestock shed solutions.

Hobby workshops or home-based business workspaces for carpentry, ceramics, welding, fabric weaving, fabric dying, clothes making, airbrush painting, resin pouring, and other creative business models.

Studios for content creators who stream on Twitch, produce YouTube content, or create TikTok videos.

Mancaves to keep pool tables, big-screen TVs, and beer coolers ready for a guys’ night in.

No matter the reason for needing additional storage at your home or business location, a container building can offer customizable space in a secure steel building to protect your equipment, technology, machinery, and materials. Whether you want a space for personal enjoyment or an industrial endeavor, a shipping container shed or garage could offer the solution you need. You can also customize your options for maximum comfort. If you intend to use your building as a workshop, add an air conditioning and heating system so you can work in your shop or hobby room year-round. Keep it industrial for work, or add wall coverings and windows for hobby spaces or personal enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping container buildings are residential, business, or storage buildings made from steel shipping containers. They are highly customizable to suit whatever you need them for and extremely affordable compared to hiring contractors to erect a new construction building on-site.

You can customize your shipping container shed or garage with windows, standard or rolling doors, exterior coverings, drywall, temperature control, and additional features to suit your purposes.

Shipping containers make excellent sheds and second garages but are also wonderful options for temporary offices, tiny houses, portable bathroom facilities, concession stands, outdoor bars, pop-up restaurants, multi-unit storage buildings, and other small buildings.

We can also stack and conjoin multiple containers to create larger offices and homes, rooftop bars and seating areas, entertainment areas, and full-sized restaurants with interior dining and a rooftop patio.

With appropriate maintenance, your shipping container building could easily last over 25 years. Occasional washing with a mild detergent and a hose is often all you’ll need to maintain your building. You should occasionally inspect the roof to look for signs of leaks, mold, or rust. Standing water and UV rays can eat away at the protective coating on the roof faster than the rest of the building.

Made from corrugated steel, shipping container buildings can resist high winds, heavy snow piles, and constant sun exposure without damage. However, you should consider paint touchups around scratches or other marks to prevent rust from forming. Rust can eat away at the steel and weaken your building if allowed to spread.

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In just three easy steps, our team at ModBetter can learn more about your need for a shipping container building, help you customize a shipping container shed or garage to suit your needs, and arrange to deliver your fully custom container building to your home or business location within a matter of weeks.

We want to make a positive impact on our customers, community, and the environment. We love helping clients find sustainable, innovative, and practical solutions with custom container buildings. Call us at ModBetter today at 516-253-5271 or request a free quote online to learn more about shipping container sheds and garages in the greater New York Metro area.

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