ModBetter's Shipping Container Storage Units: The Perfect Solution for Endless Possibilities

Are you in search of a durable and affordable outdoor storage solution that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions?

Look no further than ModBetter’s shipping container storage units. With endless possibilities, our shipping container garages, sheds and storage units offer a versatile and secure way to store your valuables whether on your property, a construction site or industrial space.

Full customizable and ready to ship within weeks, our shipping container sheds are great for homeowners, businesses, and pop-up needs alike. Get in touch to learn more.

Create Your Dream Shed or Garage with Our Shipping Container Garages

Do you struggle with limited or insecure storage space for your business or personal belongings?

It can be frustrating and time-consuming to constantly shuffle items around to make room for new ones or to find what you need, particularly on high-intensity job sites, or even for homeowners! This can lead to clutter, disorganization, and even damage to valuable items.

Whether you’re looking for vehicle storage and a shipping container garage, or just need somewhere to secure your tools safely, our shipping container sheds and storage units offer a cost-effective and secure solution to all your storage needs, freeing up space and providing peace of mind that your property is safe.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Customizable Shipping Container Storage by ModBetter

Shipping container storage units offer numerous benefits for both personal and commercial use.


Our shipping containers are built and modified to last, with strong steel that can withstand harsh weather conditions and all of the bumps and bruises that come with high-use storage needs, making them a perfect option for outdoor storage.


You can put your mind at ease knowing that ModBetter's Shipping Container Storage Units are secure and virtually unbreakable, standard with two multi-point lockable door handles. Lock valuables away with confidence.


Our shipping containers offer an affordable and durable storage solution that can fit any budget. They come in a wide range of customizations, so you can choose the configuration (or none!) that best suits your needs.

Whether you need additional storage space for your home or business, shipping container storage units offer a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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Why Choose ModBetter's Shipping
Container Storage Units?

At ModBetter, we pride ourselves on providing customers like you with the highest quality shipping container storage units at affordable prices.


Call for pricing and to discuss your use-case. We can help you decide on configuration or modifications, if necessary.


Your shipping container storage goes to production within the week, completed within 14 days, and can be on-site for you within three weeks. With no modifications, we can get you a shipping container in less than a week!


Safe, secure, and stored, you’re up and running with an aesthetically pleasing shipping container at your home or business. Store with ease and peace of mind.

We’re driven by a passion for excellence in customer service, and we stand by our products’ quality. Whether you need a small storage space or a multi-unit mobile fleet for construction, our shipping containers can be custom-modified to meet your needs.

Purchase your shipping container garage, shed or storage unit today and discover the endless possibilities with ModBetter’s shipping container storage units.

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