The 4 Benefits of Using a Shipping Container as a Garage

shipping container as garage

When you need extra storage space for vehicles or hobbies, are you going to expand your traditional garage, or are you going to come up with a more creative solution? Shipping container garages are a trend growing in popularity for their usefulness, convenience, and cost efficiency. But what are some of the benefits of installing a shipping container garage at your home or business?

Installing a container carport or garage can give you more room for covered car storage, more storage space for your hobbies, or even space to create a mancave or shipping container workshop. When you’re ready to build your dream garage, consider the benefits of using a shipping container as a garage.

1. Durability of Shipping Container Garages

Shipping containers are extremely durable. The container roof is built to withstand crushing pressure from stacking and transportation, and used containers are extremely cost-effective compared to traditional construction methods or new containers. By pouring a concrete slab foundation and installing a locking garage door on your shipping container garage, you’ll have a durable storage container garage.

One-trip containers are cargo containers that have only made one trip across the ocean. They’re practically new but much more cost-effective than new containers. Shipping containers that have only been used once are still extremely durable. Water, salt, and other elements can corrode the Corten steel panels if the container travels more often, meaning you should only use a single-trip shipping container garage at your home or business if shopping for a used container.

2. Several Size Options to Turn a Container Into a Garage

Most shipping containers come in standard sizes, including a single shipping container at 20 feet long, 40 feet long, or a high cube container. You can also customize two containers for more square footage with a two-container garage.

By using multiple containers, you can control your garage space layout to better suit your purposes. For example, if you wanted to create a ceramics workshop from two shipping containers, you could stagger them side-by-side to put the kiln farther back from your throwing wheel or casting molds.

3. Multiple Use Container Garage Options

There are several ways you can use storage containers to make garages, sheds, workshops, and other spaces on your property. A shipping container garage can become a:

  • Mancave or entertaining space
  • Hobby workshop for woodworking, ceramics, painting, or other crafts
  • Mechanic shop for working on cars
  • Landscaping equipment storage building
  • Tack room, feed building, barn, or other agricultural or livestock shed

Your garage space can offer more than just car storage options. You can use more space for everything, including hobbies, home-based businesses, entertaining, and more.

4. Shipping Containers as Garages Offer Customizable Options

There are several options available to customize your shipping container garage. You can choose from a range of different floor treatments, wall coverings, door and window installations, and even electrical and climate control options. Possible upgrades for custom shipping container garages include:

  • Shipping container size
  • Standard or roll-up doors
  • Window installation and locations
  • Electrical and lighting options
  • Interior finishing for flooring, walls, insulation, and more
  • HVAC and climate control installation

With so many options, your choices for how to use your storage container garage are practically limitless.

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