5 Shipping Container Garage Ideas to Make the Most Out of Your Space

shipping container garage ideas

Do you need more storage space on your property for vehicles, hobbies, or work? Shipping container garages offer custom garage storage solutions for a range of different covered building spaces. Check out this list of shipping container garage ideas to learn more about converting a storage container into a fully functional container building.

1. Standard One-Car Garage

While a traditional garage attached to your home may offer plenty of storage space for your current vehicles, holiday decorations, furniture you intend to paint or reupholster, and second fridge, what if you get a new vehicle?

There are several container garage options, beginning with a single-car garage. You can choose a typical overhead garage door to fit a standard container and fit multiple vehicles depending on the depth of your shipping container garage, or a single vehicle plus additional items if you have a smaller container.

2. Two-Container Garage

Looking for creative shipping container garage ideas? If you want more space across, you can connect two shipping containers and install locking double car garage doors for double the entry space. You can also remove the walls between the two containers to create a secure container shop for a home-based business or a durable container garage.

3. Shipping Container Workshop

You can open up shop with container buildings on your property. To install shipping container garages, you will need to pour a concrete slab foundation where you want to place your storage containers. If you’re planning to do business from your shipping container storefront, investing in an open-sided container to create a service counter could be your best option.

Shipping container garages are an excellent option to turn a used container into a workspace for home-based business owners and hobbyists. Workshops built from cargo containers make a great space for ceramics, woodwork, mixed media art, painting, and other crafts. You can even add insulation, climate control, and a cool interior paint job to make the space your own.

4. Shipping Container Carport

If you need more expansive protection for your vehicles, equipment, or heavy tools, confining your options to the standard available interior sizes of shipping containers can limit your capabilities. You can add extra storage containers and attach a supported roof structure to the container roof to build a carport attachment.

You can also leave a space between two shipping containers and cover the space between with additional corrugated sheet metal to create a carport space with storage on either side.

5. Covering Parallel Spaced Shipping Containers

Another way to address two parallel shipping containers is to connect them with a corrugated metal arch to build what’s known as a “Quonset hut” from multiple containers. By leaving the space between open, you can drive in with a large piece of equipment like a tractor or harvester, or even park multiple cars in the open space under the cover of the archway.

Having a shipping container garage connected by an open space is one way to do it. You can also set a smaller shipping container between two larger containers to add a central storage or work space between two container garages, or vice versa. You can also replace any of the heavy container doors with a rolling garage door for easier access by a car or riding mower.

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