7 Innovative Ideas for a Shipping Container Restaurant

shipping container restaurant

Have you always dreamed of opening a shipping container restaurant but don’t know where to start? Repurposed shipping container restaurants offer many benefits, especially for a new business owner. You can save money, enjoy a fast build time, and easily move locations anytime.

The only question is, what type of space should you create? Read on to learn seven forward-thinking restaurant container ideas, then discover more about our custom shipping containers from ModBetter.

1. Oyster Bar by the Beach

People often gravitate toward restaurants that specialize in one thing, especially if that one thing is a local favorite. For example, you could build your shipping container near the coast as an oyster bar where locals can stroll in after a long day. Your oyster bar by the beach could attract excellent foot traffic while requiring minimal kitchen equipment.

2. Build-Your-Own Pizza

The build-you-own concept continues gaining popularity in the restaurant industry as customers enjoy the fun hands-on experience. Repurposed shipping containers offer the ideal ambiance for an engaging indoor-outdoor activity where the whole family can enjoy playing with dough, choosing toppings, and watching their pizza sizzle in the wood-fired oven.

You could set this creative project up in endless ways. Shipping containers provide ample storage and kitchen space for prepping ingredients.

3. Sustainable, Plant-Based Fare

Sustainable, plant-based food continues gaining popularity as people struggle to find accommodating, tasty options that align with their preferences. Recycled shipping containers offer the ideal backdrop to a sustainable restaurant where you can celebrate eco-friendly eats.

Your food truck could serve various vegan or vegetarian dishes, or focus on a few specialties that people can’t find around town. For example, you could become the only vegan ice cream parlor in your city.

4. Food Hall Boxyard of Shipping Containers

You don’t have to stop at just one shipping container restaurant. With two containers or more, you can build a boxyard food court with all sorts of different vendors for people to choose from. You could set up picnic tables in the center parking lot for people to gather, enjoy great food, and mingle.

The boxyard idea offers endless expansion opportunities. You can build up with the high cube design creating funky architecture that attracts people from all over town.

5. Craft Beer Garden

Breweries are all the rage lately. With a beer garden, you can build a welcoming environment for people to drink, hang out with friends, enjoy the outdoors, play corn hole, and much more.

You can start with just one container building, then add more to serve food in the future. Your container building would offer ample room for brewery storage, servers, and more.

6. Greenhouse Coffee Shop

Every town needs fun, unique coffee shops where people can escape their hectic offices or busy homes to relax, get work done, and enjoy their beverages in peace. To elevate the coffee shop idea, you could also build a community garden that attracts more people from around town to plant and gather herbs. The garden would not only make the coffee shop look beautiful but could set your shop apart from the rest.

7. Food Trucks and Live Music

Going off the food court boxyard project idea, you could develop a music venue in the center courtyard to generate even more hype. When you set up the permanent location, your general contractor can help you select energy-saving finishes, like solar panels and advanced HVAC systems, to make the idea cost-effective and practical. When you build a shipping container restaurant, you can explore countless options. Call ModBetter today at (516) 200-6347 so we can begin customizing your modular shipping container restaurant.

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