12 Weird But Hypnotic Coffee Shop Concepts That Will Make You Millions

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From Empty Lot to Coffee Spot: The Inspiration Behind Container Cafés

Shipping container coffee shops began getting popular in the late 2000s and the early 2010s, although architects had remodeled shipping containers into container homes in many parts of the globe decades before. These architectural styles are sometimes called cargotectura and emerged alongside tiny houses and sustainable living movements.

The rise of the former shipping containers and container café is the tale of creativity and resourcefulness, and the modern container café proves the power of combining radically unconventional materials to create new and exciting specialty goods.

Many Container Cafes share the same vision: transform shipping containers into lively, welcoming community gathering spaces.

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Container Coffee Shop Ideas

Get inspired by the exciting world of shipping container restaurants and coffee shops.

Imagine a unique and unconventional coffee haven crafted from recycled shipping containers. This innovative café concept has sparked a wave of creativity, captivating aspiring baristas and entrepreneurs alike.

From the inviting aroma of freshly ground beans to the vibrant community space, join us as we explore 12 electric ideas for shipping container restaurants and coffee shops.

Serene coffee bar with a blend of minimalist charm

 A modern shipping container coffee shop with sleek industrial design

A modern shipping container coffee shop idea in the heart of the urban downtown setting.

Embrace the industrial-chic design with metal and concrete textures, complemented by a minimalist interior layout. Experience the cozy space and intimate mood as soft ambient illumination illuminates the space.

Indulge in a curated menu of expertly brewed coffees, accentuated by vibrant pops of color amidst the neutral tones.

A rustic haven for coffee enthusiasts

A serene and rustic shipping container coffee shop in the countryside

A picturesque shipping container restaurant nestled in the countryside. Step into a rustic sanctuary carefully designed to harmonize with nature.

This new café captures the essence and style of inviting outdoor patio seating, surrounded by lush greenery and natural elements.

Experience the soothing textures of wood and stone, enhanced by a minimalist interior layout that radiates simplicity and tranquility.

The tropical oasis of flavor, brewing paradise in a shipping container

 A vibrant tropical shipping container coffee shop with a beachfront vibe

Experience the taste of paradise at this tropical food-inspired portable bar and restaurant on the outskirts of a beach resort.

Enjoy the vibrant colors and exotic accents of this inviting space. Surround yourself with palm trees and bask in soft illumination while sipping through the eco-friendly straws

Let the refreshing beachfront vibe transport you to a lively oasis as you indulge in the flavors of paradise.

A robust urban retreat, brewing the perfect cup with an industrial edge

An industrial-chic shipping container coffee shop with a raw and edgy interior design

An industrial-chic coffee bar and shop located in the heart of the urban warehouse district.

Embrace the energetic ambiance of the café, the raw and edgy interior design, featuring metal and concrete textures that create a contemporary urban vibe. Watch the skilled baristas at the coffee roasting station, where the rich aroma of fresh beans fills the air.

This unit is perfect if you’re looking to re-create industrial food hall vibes.

An inviting vintage haven for coffee lovers, thoughtfully crafted with cozy touches

Cozy and nostalgic coffee shop with vintage decor and expertly brewed handcrafted coffees.

A charming shipping container can store and container bar in the heart of the historic district. Enjoy this intimate space’s warm and earthy tones, furnished with vintage decor and cozy seating.

Experience a nostalgic atmosphere that invites you to relax, sip, and savor the house specialties.

Step into a bygone era where every sip tells a story.

An artistic masterpiece brewing creativity and coffee in a contemporary container

An artistic coffee shop in a contemporary container

Here’s one of our most unique installations in the center of an artsy neighborhood.

Admire the awe-inspiring mural art that graces the space while you experience the seamless fusion of textures as metal and glass harmoniously blend into the artistic interior design.

The dramatic spotlights playfully illuminate the bold and vibrant color palette, creating an ambiance that inspires creativity.

Cutting-edge brewing tech and industrial charm

A modern shipping container coffee shop with high-tech brewing equipment and futuristic interior elements

Step into a futuristic realm of coffee situated in the heart of a bustling tech hub. This shipping container restaurant combines a sleek and minimalist design with high-tech coffee brewing equipment.

The site showcases a stunning blend of metal and glass textures.

Explore the meticulously detailed interior elements and indulge in the latest coffee brewing techniques, creating an atmosphere of creative innovation and tech-savviness.

The coastal retreat: sip coffee with breathtaking ocean views

Here’s an idea for a coastal-themed coffee shop along the beachfront.

A vibrant aesthetic accentuates the stunning ocean vista, and the interior is adorned with beach-inspired decor and recycled materials like wood and sand.

Awash in soft natural light, indulge in the coastal tones and blue accents that evoke a sense of serenity and rejuvenation.

A charmingly retro shipping container café serving up steaming cups of nostalgia

A vintage-inspired shipping container coffee shop

A location like this accurately represents the good old days. With its warm, inviting atmosphere bathed in a nostalgic glow, you’ll be transported back in time.

Adorned with retro furnishings and decor, the jukebox on the counter is working overtime, spinning tunes from yesteryears.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of relaxation or a trip down memory lane, it’s a perfect spot to satisfy your customer’s craving for coffee and nostalgia.

Artisanal aromas, craftsmanship, and insta-worthy moments

A Shipping Container Coffee Shop with Handcrafted Charm in the Artisan District

The exterior utilizes new containers that have been handcrafted to showcase earthy and natural tones that will make your customers and suppliers feel right at home.

The artisanal interior accents, textured wood, and ceramic floor details create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Craftsmanship and artistry await your customers.

Breezy summer nights with espresso martinis on tap

A Cozy Shipping Container Coffee Shop with Rustic Charm in a Countryside Retreat

Experience the warmth and tranquility of this countryside retreat. The low-angle camera captures the many benefits of the brick firepit, the focal point of this inviting space.

Adorned with textured wood and brick, the interior front room exudes a homely ambiance. Bathed in a soft, warm glow of morning light.

Step into this quaint haven, the perfect sanctuary any time of the day.

Experience the Buzz of Urban Chic at Steel Brew, Your Trendy Shipping Container Coffee Spot

Trendy Urban Shipping Container Coffee Shop in the Loft District

Locations like these capture urban energy, and the concrete countertop bar takes center stage, inviting you to savor the finest brews.

The sleek metal textures and industrial interior design elements create an edgy backdrop, while the evening lighting casts a captivating glow.

Indulge in the buzz of urban chic and be part of the trendsetting coffee culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a container cost?

The prices of containers vary by material and location. Generally speaking, there are used 20ft containers available at an estimated price of $1500 to $3500. The cost of brand-new containers ranges between $2000 – $4500.

How much is container rental fee?

If you’d like to rent a new 20-ft shipping container box instead of purchasing one, that costs approximately $350-$600 per month, but again it depends on your location and the duration and price of your rental period.

What size are shipping containers?

Containers generally have lengths between 10 and 40 feet and 8 feet of width. In addition to increasing storage space or facilitating better air circulation, a shipping container can vary in height depending on other factors on its construction, dimensions, size, and width.

What size should a coffee shop be?

Typically small shops selling coffee are between 800 and 700 square meters, while small businesses with basic coffee shops are between 1600 and 2000 square feet, and big businesses with full-service coffee shops are between 3500-4600 square feet.

Can you store food in a shipping container?

Dried food and packaged food items are available for storage in containers. You’ll find these containers in many restaurants and other food industries using containers to store food.

Disclaimer: This post may contains affiliate links. This means that we will earn a tiny commission if you do make a purchase at no additional cost to you. 

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