Opening a Shipping Container Restaurant: Tips and Tricks

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Opening a restaurant can be exciting, but managing a permanent structure is too expensive of an investment for some. A repurposed shipping container can be an excellent way to jumpstart your new business. Shipping container restaurants offer many benefits for both restaurant owners and customers.

If you are new to the food truck industry, you may wonder how to open a shipping container restaurant without hassle. Read the following article by our ModBetter team to learn some helpful tips and tricks.

Once you finish reading, explore our shipping container products and schedule a consultation to plan your restaurant’s design.

Modular Container Restaurants: The Do’s

DO Invest in the Right Size Shipping Containers

Before you can start selling food to hungry patrons, you need the right shipping container for your operations. Recycled shipping containers come in many shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to think carefully about your needs. It’s best to stick with a single-level, high-cube design if you want to create a small diner or walk-up restaurant.

Do you plan to establish a permanent location with your shipping container restaurant? In this case, explore alternative container designs before you commit. Some larger styles offer room for both kitchen and back-office operations.

DO Place your Restaurant Container in the Correct Location

Traditional food trucks can travel to just about any location. However, large shipping containers must sit on a flat and stable surface to prevent damage or tilting. A parking lot, field, or graveled area will offer you the most stability.

Always place your restaurant where you expect heavy foot traffic. This way, customers can access your establishment without issue.

DO Offer Space for an Outdoor Area

Outdoor seating is a must for coffee shops, craft beer hangouts, and other casual eateries. You can decorate your shipping container and outdoor environment to complement your brand and aesthetic. For example, you could create a beautiful garden grove by hanging lush plants and low-light LEDs from your container.

You could also set up communal tables and a modest stage for open-mic performances to cultivate a more intimate environment.

DO Maintain a Clean Space

Patrons expect shipping container restaurants to comply with the same health and safety standards offered by conventional food joints. Hence, keeping your shipping containers clean is essential for maintaining an excellent reputation. Most shipping containers offer enough room to separate cleaning supplies and equipment from the food.

Modular Container Restaurants: The Don’ts

DON’T Ignore City Permit Policies

Many cities don’t require you to obtain a permit if you want to construct a modular office with panelized walls on an existing facility. However, modular restaurant containers often use building materials that require special permits to operate.

Also, you must obtain the proper vending license to sell food and beer safely. You should always ask the city for permission before you host special events near your restaurant. Forward thinking can help you avoid fines or other unnecessary setbacks.

DON’T Run Expensive Utilities

You can upgrade your modular restaurant with solar panels and glass wall insulation for optimal energy efficiency. These methods will save you money on utilities and promote a more eco-friendly environment.

Ask your modular container provider to help you find the most cost-efficient energy solution for your operations.

DON’T Hire an Inexperienced General Contractor

When you need ideas for shipping container restaurants, hiring an experienced contractor is the best solution. Partner with the experts at ModBetter to explore all of your options in detail. They will recommend designs and deliver fast installations when you need them. Learn more about opening a shipping container restaurant with ModBetter in Floral Park, NY. Call 516-253-5271.

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